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Hope is the last cigarette in the pack.
a reminder
that it is almost gone
and, along with it,
life's meaning.

It is the discovery
of fries in the bottom of your fast food bag-
suddenly returning
when you were sure
it had gone away.

It is the stroke of a paintbrush,
breathing new life
into the broken man.

Hope is the air of the night-
crisp, clear
and giving us one more reason
to breathe.
An Imagery poem written for my Intro To Poetry Class this semester (I'm thinking of making this a series and may include the links to the others at another time).
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(Contains: strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
When you have depression,
People don’t congratulate you
For making it another week
Without breaking down on the side of the interstate,
Chest squeezed shut,
Yanking air between your teeth
As you try to convince yourself you will be okay.
People don’t consider it an accomplishment
When you go almost a month without thinking
“I should just die so no one has to deal with me.”

When you have depression,
You can’t talk about it to your friends or your family.
You’ll be told to shut up because
You’re just an attention-seeking loser
Who is bored with their own life.
You’ll be told to “get over it” and to
“Stop using this depression thing as a crutch
So you have something to blame
Other than yourself.”
When really, you have already blamed yourself
For your failures, your lack of motivation, and even world hunger.
But maybe you’re just lying to yourself.

When you have depression,
You can’t tell people that you don’t see
Robin Williams as a “victim of depression,”
But as a survivor who made it sixty-three motherfucking years
While making the world into someplace a little bit lighter,
And no,
I don’t think suicide was a selfish thing to do.

The “normal” people of this world
Don’t understand that depression isn’t
“Having a case of the blues”
“Having a bad day.”
They don’t understand how it can’t be cured with
“Take two Tylenol, get at least eight hours of rest
and call me in the morning.”
They don’t get that telling us there are children in Africa starving,
Or children in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria are dying,
So should we be grateful for everything we have?
Well, how can we be grateful and put your shit-eating grin on our face
When there are kids starving and dying,
And now all we can think is
“God, how can I be so selfish? I am a terrible person!”
So now on top of being useless and stupid,
We are selfish,
And the guilt of our narrow-minded self-loathing
Will eat us alive.
Living With Depression
I wrote this for a slam poetry event my class is planning next week. I don't think I'll perform it, but Goddamn did it feel good to get all of this off of my chest.
I said this boy was bad news. I said that he will control her, hurt her, and she will never let him go.

No one listened.

What's the point of even having a voice if no one hears me?
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Terezi Pyrope by GhostGirl818
Terezi Pyrope
So... To practice with the tablet I've had for... ever, I've decided to start drawing the beta trolls/kids from Homestuck. I'll be adding them as I go along so... Here's Terezi. (PS I know I suck. So, please, don't point it out)

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Raven Lilith Jace
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Raven: The black bird, the bringer of death, the one that needs no companion.
Lilith: Of the night
Jace: Healer; the initiator, the leader.

I am: strange, odd, weird, unique, lesbian, a goth, a straight edge.
I am: a writer, a singer, a reader, a dreamer.
I like: Books, chess, music, poetry, drawing, singing, flowers, books, and did I mention books?
I hate: people who hate me.
I will: Beat you if you mess with my friends, cut off your dick if you mess with me (if you even have one).

I don't like to sugar coat things. I am proud of who I am, and I hate having to change just to keep the peace. You only have one chance with me. If you blow it, you blow it. Period.

Current Residence: Somewhere inbetween Imagination and Reality
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Personal Quote: I reject your reality and substitute my own!
I said this boy was bad news. I said that he will control her, hurt her, and she will never let him go.

No one listened.

What's the point of even having a voice if no one hears me?
  • Mood: Hopeless
  • Listening to: The muffled TV
  • Playing: Neverwinter
  • Drinking: Water

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