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Just one touch, darling.
What can it hurt?
Just one look, dearest.
There's no need to lurk
In the darkest corners of shadows
Where the moon will never shine.
Open yourself to me
and leave the others behind.
Pull back your skin
and open up your skull.
Remove the plastic smile
and let me see your broken soul.
One hand on your throat,
the other on your chest.
Let freedom take your voice and heart
While I rip apart the rest.
If you cry while you bleed
I promise to understand.
Not everyone can keep a smile perfect
here in Wonderland.
Don't worry about the broken pieces
I am going to see.
We can put them back together
with perfect jagged seams.
Just one touch, darling,
I promise your heart will be fine.
Before you bleed out I will replace
your broken heart with mine.
:iconghostgirl818:GhostGirl818 6 4
Cigarette Friendship
       Life is a weird concept. We’re brought into this world covered in someone else’s blood, screaming, and from the moment we breathe, we begin dying. Some of us rocket towards the inevitable, while others shuffle their feet and try to keep away from it, leaving the grim reaper waiting until the last possible second. And then a chosen few are whacked with diseases – cancer, AIDS, Lou Gehrig’s – or some sort of disaster, natural or otherwise, that send them into death’s arms whether they’re ready or not.
       It’s a grim way of thinking. Most people would prefer to think of life as a gift; something bestowed on us by some smiling/wrathful/loving/all-knowing/hateful God up above the clouds and space and eternity. Of course, these are the same people who like to think that their god will protect their children from the measles, so why vaccinate them? If God decided it was their time to die, then t
:iconghostgirl818:GhostGirl818 5 2
Hope is the last cigarette in the pack.
a reminder
that it is almost gone
and, along with it,
life's meaning.
It is the discovery
of fries in the bottom of your fast food bag-
suddenly returning
when you were sure
it had gone away.
It is the stroke of a paintbrush,
breathing new life
into the broken man.
Hope is the air of the night-
crisp, clear
and giving us one more reason
to breathe.
:iconghostgirl818:GhostGirl818 2 0
Mature content
Living With Depression :iconghostgirl818:GhostGirl818 22 11
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Am I Not Human?
I came from my mother's womb.
I fed from her breast.
I spoke my first words
and toddled unsteadily on the earth.
I read my books.
I learned to write.
I made friends who
I thought would stay by my side forever.
I had my first crush.
I had my first heartbreak.
I've been pushed down
and told I wasn't worth the life I was given.
I have cried my tears
and opened up my skin.
I know I bleed
the same colored blood as you claim to.
I have fallen in love.
I have fallen out of it.
I have found music
whose words mean everything and nothing.
But everyday I am told
I am disgusting.
Everyday I am told
I am monster.
My tears fall down.
My blood is red.
My flesh is a shell
that holds my weary bones inside.
So tell me,
you who came from your mother's womb.
You who drank the milk
from her breast.
Explain how I am lesser
when your blood runs red,
your tears fall down,
and your bones are wrapped inside.
How am I less human
when you are the monster
comparing what we are made of
and what we hold inside?
:iconghostgirl818:GhostGirl818 44 18
Depression and I are Fuck Buddies
When I was young I made a friend.
She was kind of quiet-
a loner, like me.
She wore a long cloak of stars and melodies
that would wrap around us both when she got close.
As we got older
we became closer-
until she was all I could see.
She gave me words of comfort,
whispered when no one was around.
And I would hold her close,
Keeping her curled up inside.
Even when she was mean,
I would forgive her.
If she made me cry,
I would hold her closer.
We are never apart for very long,
though the people around us would try
and rip us from each other’s grasp.
She would simply disappear
for hours or days or months.
And soon she would sneak in my bedroom
with her cloak of starlight and music
and hold me in a lovers’ embrace.
:iconghostgirl818:GhostGirl818 32 14
Comfort by GhostGirl818 Comfort :iconghostgirl818:GhostGirl818 3 1
I Remembered
Hello, old friend.
I went on a drive today.
I went to an event being held by the school we had both left behind.
And as I was driving,
I was listening to that band we both loved.
The one that gave me chills,
and where I would sing high
and you would sing low
and do that growl that I always thought was
                                       (but would quickly dismiss as not being)
kinda sexy.
And just for a moment,
                     I was taken back.
And just for a moment,
                     I turned on my blinker.

I forgot
       we hadn't talked in so many months.
I forgot
:iconghostgirl818:GhostGirl818 12 9
Mature content
Because I am Woman :iconghostgirl818:GhostGirl818 11 9
Forty-Nine Years Later by GhostGirl818 Forty-Nine Years Later :iconghostgirl818:GhostGirl818 0 0 The Happiest Day by GhostGirl818 The Happiest Day :iconghostgirl818:GhostGirl818 0 2


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Kate Stodgel
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Raven: The black bird, the bringer of death, the one that needs no companion.
Lilith: Of the night
Jace: Healer; the initiator, the leader.

I am: strange, odd, weird, unique, lesbian, a goth, a straight edge.
I am: a writer, a singer, a reader, a dreamer.
I like: Books, chess, music, poetry, drawing, singing, flowers, books, and did I mention books?
I hate: people who hate me.
I will: Beat you if you mess with my friends, cut off your dick if you mess with me (if you even have one).

I don't like to sugar coat things. I am proud of who I am, and I hate having to change just to keep the peace. You only have one chance with me. If you blow it, you blow it. Period.

Current Residence: Somewhere inbetween Imagination and Reality
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Personal Quote: I reject your reality and substitute my own!



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I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know what I want. I'm scared.

At twenty years old, I'm supposed to know what I want to major in and what I want to do with my life. I'm supposed to have a part time job while being a full time student, succeeding, working towards a job that will make me happy.

I'm so tired. All the time. Either that or I'm hungry, which is making me so fat and disgusting and I hate myself for not having the willpower to stop myself and I'm too fucking lazy to get up and exercise. My mom is worried about me. About me getting sick because I'm a fat ass.

I have... ideas of what I want to do with my life. But they seem so stupid. I guess you could call them dreams.

I want to sing. Gods, do I want to sing. I feel so... powerful when I sing. Knowing I nailed a high note. Made people feel something.

But I also want to try and make a successful Let's Play channel on YouTube. Try and be like Markiplier and raise money for charities and give back to people. Maybe even meet him, tell him how he's my hero. 

I know they're stupid, these ideas, these dreams. I have literally no way of achieving them. I'm not a good enough/unique enough singer, nor am I attractive enough to be like Megan Trainor or Adele. Video games make me happy, but I doubt anyone would find me entertaining enough to actually watch. I'm just a sarcastic bitch who's shit at games. But, gods, I'd give anything to be even half as successful as Markiplier.
  • Listening to: doom and gloom on the news
  • Playing: Dragon Age: Origins


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